Meet Our Carolina Cat Sitters

It takes a group of very special and dedicated Carolina Cat Sitters to make our Just For Cats Pet Sitting Carolina team successful, and to give your kitty all the TLC she needs and deserves!

Meet a Few of the Key Members of Your
Just For Cats Pet Sitting Carolina Cat Sitting Team


Barb Heins with Squeaky and Dimitri

Manager and Lead Cat Care Specialist

Barb has had an affinity with cats for as long as she can remember. She grew up with two cats at home, who both claimed her as theirs.

When she and her husband John moved to Maputo, Mozambique as missionaries, they adopted Henrietta, a beautiful tortoise-shell longhair, when her US Embassy owner moved away. Henrietta would follow Barb everywhere as she visited neighbors, and responded vocally whenever Barb talked with her, which made people uncomfortable as cats were considered to be evil in that area. When they moved to Beira in the central part of the country, no such superstitions existed and Henrietta was accepted by the locals as the affectionate and intelligent family member that she was.

Barb passed on her love for cats to twins Derek and Hannah, who brought home a steady stream of kittens abandoned on the streets of Beira. Most of them they cared for and re-homed to other missionary families, but one of them, an orange kitten named Nala, remained part of the family. She came to them with seizures, having been badly abused, but the family’s love and prayers restored her completely. People were always amazed that Barb could approach a spitting, wild kitten and within a few minutes, calm it in her arms.

John and Barb have been living in Waxhaw for the past eleven years, and are currently living with six rescue cats – Dimitri, Amber, Chester, Ross, Squeaky and Cleo – as well as a rescue black lab named Finn. Their house is in a secluded wooded area, and when Barb walks Finn, she is usually accompanied by one or more cats tagging along.

Barb is excited about her position with Just For Cats, and looks forward to meeting and bonding with your furry family members!

Allie Davis and Kitty Cat

Lead Cat Care Specialist

Allie Davis is originally from Charlotte, NC. For the last 9 years, she has lived in Georgia, working as a Pet Sitter for Gwinnett Pet Watchers.

We are lucky to snap Allie up as she returns to Charlotte to be close to her family. Allie has has loved animals since she was a little girl. She currently has two rescue cats, Moose and Jazzy Bell. Allie is also a photographer on the side, and of course loves photographing animals.

So, Why Are Visits Better than Boarding Your Cat?

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